Friday, January 13, 2012

Mickey to the Rescue

Thank god for Mickey Mouse! Walt Disney was an absolute genius. No Einstein or Benjamin Franklin compare.

David's love for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is not like any that I have ever seen. He's very devoted and loving to Mickey. And because of this amazing love and bond that they have I am sometimes able to get some stuff done around the house or even do nothing!

Especially when it's a day like today then I am more than thankful to Mickey. I feel that I owe him everything. David decided today was a day with no sleeping but being cranky was a must. The three things that keep him happy for a few minutes is his food, me spinning, and Mickey Mouse. I've fed him, enough, I've spun around in the kitchen and living room for a decent amount of time. Now it's Mickey to the rescue.

I think I can officially call Mickey David's babysitter.

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