Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time for a Change

Change is what David is an expert at. At first it took me two months to figure it out whether David was hungry, tired, or just bored. When I figured that out I thought I was able to know everything he waned from then on. Yeah right!!!!

Then came random naps, random feedings. I did as David told. When he reached 6 months we started to understand each other so well. I knew at exactly what time he was going to eat, sleep, and play. I started to feel like those moms that always say, "My baby will be napping at that time but will be awake at that time."

A little over a month passes and obviously David decides it's time for a change. My response, "uhhhh!" I've gotten so good with his schedule why does he want to change it!

So now we're back to the beginning. When should he going down for his nap, when should I feed him breastmilk versus solids. What is he thinking!

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