Wednesday, November 23, 2011

24/7 Work

Since when does being a stay at home mom mean that you're not working or that you're bored or that you have so much extra time to write a blog? I've only had a full-time job for a year and then I was out on maternity leave. It doesn't matter if it was busy season at work where I worked 16 hour days for weeks in a doesn't compare to being a stay at home mom. This job is never ending.

Going food shopping with David doesn't mean that I'm simply food shopping. I have to make sure to pump while he's taking his 20 minute nap so that when he wakes up I can feed him, dress him, hope that he decides not to poop, get him into his winter gear while he's fighting it, change his bib 2 times while I'm getting my keys and purse together, buckle up his car seat while his winter jacket makes it difficult, put him into a cart by wrapping blankets around him because he refuses to sit on his own but is too big for the infant car seat, throw everything into the cart within 15 minutes before he starts grunting out of boredom, again attempt to buckle up his car seat, get him into the house and into his jumperoo so that I can bring in all the bags, and not have enough time to put away the food because he needs attention so I have to wait until his next nap to put all the food away. Never did I think that food shopping can be considered a job, but David definitely changed my view on it.

Simple things have been classified as work for me. Showering in 5 minutes is one of my specialities. Feeding David his bottle while feeding myself breakfast has become a norm for my mornings.

Work never called me at 1 AM, 3 AM, 5 AM, then at 6 AM but now it does, especially when work has some teeth coming in :)

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