Monday, November 28, 2011

Poor Baby...Not Enough Toys

It's time for the holidays aka time for getting presents. I love giving presents and this year I have an additional cutie to give presents to! I haven't even thought about what I want to get David and even if I should get him a present... No I'm not a bad mom if I don't get David a present but he will think I'm showing him a colorful box that he will get frustrated by because he won't succeed in putting it into his mouth.

My aunt actually got me thinking about presents for David because she had an idea of what she wanted to get him. She suggested a booster seat that has an attached tray with toys, my response "Nope he has that". She then suggested a car with wheels to help him walk, my response "Nope he has that". She then suggested a big toy with random annoying songs and sounds, once again my response "Nope he has that". As you can tell, poor David doesn't have enough toys!

Obviously my aunt got annoyed and told me to find a toy that he does NOT have and let her know. My go to site,, was opened up. After scrolling thru pages filled with baby toys and seeing that David owns a big portion of them I finally came across a toy! The Little Tikes 5-in-1 Adjustable better be good. What caught my eye was that it can grow with David aka as me not having to get more toys and cluttering my house.

The thought of clutter brought me to David's next present- a foam playmat. The thought of a Little Gym playmat in my living room made me nauseous. Not only will this clutter my house but my living room will become a Little Gym. Now I can charge a ridiculous price to have babies roll around in my living room! But my new business venture came to an end when I came across playmats made to look like hardwood floors. Ok, so this playmat isn't going to fool anyone but it will allow me to enjoy my living room :)

Now I get to start thinking of what I want....

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  1. I love the foam playmat! if it comes in light colors I will be investing in this for sure. I'm with you about the clutter. YUCK!!!