Sunday, December 25, 2011

Grandma's House We Go

The day has finally come. The day that Gene has been asking to happen and I have been rejecting. I have finally caved and decided to let David sleep at his grandma's house.

Yes, I am attached to David. Yes, I want him to be with me 24/7. Yes, I don't care if everyone thinks I'm crazy. But Gene kept asking to have David sleep at his grandma's. I spent a lot of time thinking if I was ready, if David was ready. Of course David was ready but was I actually ready to have my little guy not be with me????

I finally caved. So this full night of sleep didn't actually happen how Gene envisioned. It was Lady A's birthday so we went out to the city. PARTY! We haven't gone out like this in....a LONG time. Dancing and drinking...woohoooo! All this fun only got us into bed at 4 AM. And of course I set my alarm for 9 AM for Gene to go pick up David to bring back home. I couldn't have him be away for any longer!

So getting a nice, long night sleep didn't occur. But now I know that I can leave David to sleep overnight. Next time we just need to go to bed a bit earlier to get a little bit more sleep.

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